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pencil.. i missed you, my friend

Anonymous asked:
ayy I'm like a random stranger that u didn't even know existed but I just kind of want to say that I'm in love with the way you bring out all the curves in Connors face and use all the shadows with confidence because many people use light shadows because they're afraid to fuck up but you just did it amazingly and I'm kinda proud over you okok and I hope you have a hella good day today and perhaps pet a cute puppy 😎😎

well now I know that you exist!:D I like his face and I really tried to make it as much similar to original as possible (all of these curves <3).
thank you for being proud of me, anon! i very appreciate it:3 and i hope you have a great day too! btw i have two dogs and i gonna pet every one of them just for you:D

musicalpanda167 сказал(а): Ok but your art is literally amazing, holy wow

ah thank you!^^

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epiicers asked:
Dont throw your tablet away that looks amazing! And using a ton of layers isnt bad (its only bad when you forgot whats what and paint on the wrong obe)

thank you!:3

oh, yes, it happened to me once  :D

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jodeeeart сказал(а):GORGEOUS!

thank you!*w*

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